“21 Jump Street” 2nd Unit George Aguilar Sony Pictures
“Last Call” Greg Garthe MineolaFilms
“Live Fast Die Young” Tim Chey River Rain
“King of the Underground” Dex Sanders Trunk Films
“The Genius Club” Tim Chey Eleven Arts/River Rain
“Foale Moto” Documentary Tim Tracy TracyFilms
“The Caper” Chris Hanaford YorkEntertainment
“Boilerplate” Robert Romeo Faulty Premise Films


CBS “Person of Interest” Promos Ric Serena CBS
Red Bull “Kirby Chambliss Aerobatics” Chris Immel 5th House/Red Bull
Fuel TV “Danny and the Dingo” Promo Todd Dever/Stephen Lentini Kandoo Films/Fuel TV
Intelligencia Coffee “Good Meeting” Scott Stephens Rolling Film
Legoland “IndianaJones” Scott Stephens Rolling Film
Safeway “Not a Cowboy” Scott Stephens Rolling Film
Safeway “Scallions” Scott Stephens Rolling Film
Doritos “Super Bowl 2007 entry” Marc Gilbar/Aaron Greenberg Handsome Donkey
Sony Minidisc “Ballet” Tony Rush Rush Productions
Bud Light “Boys Movie Night” Tony Rush Rush Productions “Do You Believe?” David Demember Merit/Andrew (30) Commercial Spots Scott Fleming Merit/Andrew


“Swallow” Pilot Ric Serena Serena Creative
“Diamond Confidential” Pilot* Greame Finlayson Ghost Light Pictures
“Goove” Pilot Mike Licata/Joni Day Licata/Day Productions
“Don’t Quit Your Day Job” Pilot Kieran Rajan Ring-a-ding Productions
“24 Parody” 4 episodes Tim Tracy Tracy Productions
*Winner Silver Lei Award at Honolulu International Film Festival for Excellence in Filmmaking
*Winner Best Director at Action On Film International Film Festival

Music Videos

Epidemic “Magnificent” J.L.C Ill Productos
Omar Santana “H2oh” Scott Fleming Electric Wonderland
Durty Hurman “Last Call” Shannon Riggs WFO
Genuine Childs “Hopeless” Edward Solis M Productions

Short Films

“Just Three Words” Greame Finlayson Ghost Light Pictures
“ID” Daishi Takiishi Nice Day
“Nora Ephron Should Die” Greame Finlayson Ghost Light Pictures
“Lossed” Festival Film David Kim Three Hearts Films
“The Highway” Festival Film Scott Fleming Merit/Andrew
“OTHG Nationals” Documentary Scott Fleming Merit/Andrew
“When Chickens Dream” Festival Film Scott Fleming M Productions

Skills and Qualifications

65mm/Vistavision 3D Stereography Underwater Lighting Techno Crane Ski/Surf/Scuba
Anamorphic Still Photography Car Mounts Slow Motion Crash Cams
16mm/35mm Miniatures Aerial Mounts Hydroflex Camera Car
Digital Video Visual FX Remote Heads Motion Control Rear/Front Projection


University of California, San Diego School of Film and Photography Graduate with Honors
Digital Imaging Technician Certified
Sony 3D Certified
Hydroflex Underwater Housing Certification
NAUI SCUBA Certified